Windows to Music


Windows to music classes are offered to preschool and kindergarten students who would like to learn about music and have their first taste of piano playing. This class involves music exploration, games and movement and is geared more towards mastering the music language: rhythmic reading and writing, directed listening, singing and playing activities. In this class each student has his/her own book of fun worksheets, some done in the class and some assignments for home. This Workbook also allows parents to be involved musically with their child, by reinforcing the class activities at home. After the first 6-8 weeks I introduce the keyboard and the first piano tunes to the children, and lay down the basic techniques of piano playing. The class has four children in it and it lasts  75 minutes. Each “team” of two children gets 15 minutes of piano lessons and 45 minutes with the rest of the group. I limit the number to four to allow sufficient time to know the children well and respond to each one individually. At the end of each semester we will have the “Window Peeking” meetings which are happy, non-stressful occasions, in which the children share their musical progress with their parents.


After taking the Windows to music class, with the experience of variety of musical settings, the children will be ready to explore any instrument easily. The music education and experience that is achieved in this class could lead to an easy enjoyable learning of any instrument chosen.