“Signing my daughter up for ensemble has been a fun, rewarding, confidence-building experience for her. Tal takes the time to find opportunities specific to the needs and talents of each group. Thank you, Tal, for your dedication!” Fran, Auberndale 

“Playing music in a close, inter-relating group, is a wonderful and empowering experience, at any age. It’s so great to see how Tal’s approach gets kids inside so many musical styles, helps them find their ensemble’s collective voice, and at the same time encourages each player to stretch out as an expressive soloist. It’s a great foundation for a lifelong love of music.” Bruce, Newtonville

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“Tal is an inspired and inspiring teacher. Her ensemble students love playing music with her and it shows. In Tal’s approach to music and musical instruction, the student plays an active role. This involvement is central to keeping students interested in making music. When your adolescent never begs off a music class, you know that something wonderful is going on. We are fortunate to have Tal in the Boston music community.” Susan, Newton Highlands

“I don’t know if there are too many other programs where children this age can learn how to improvise within a small ensemble. What a great opportunity. My son has loved being in Tal’s ensembles and the year end concert at Ryles is an event we look forward to all year. There is a wonderful range of musical styles and the kids have a broad exposure.” Randi , Newton Center

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“The ensemble experience that Tal has put together has been a wonderful combination of learning to play as a group, tapping individual talents and exploring new types of music based on the interests of each member. Tal makes it fun and focuses not only helping to develop the unique appeal of each group, but is also attentive to the needs and areas of growth for each member. The culminating performance is not to be missed, you’ll be amazed what can be accomplished in a year.” Mary Beth, West Newton

“Our daughter, now in 9th grade, has been in several of Tal’s ensembles for the past five years. We have seen incredible musical growth as she has learned about different musical styles, how to play better, how to listen better, how to perform in a group, how to arrange, how to lead a group, and how to have fun while learning all these things. Tal generously shares her time, knowledge, and love of music which rubs off on all the kids lucky enough to study with her.” Don & Jennifer, Newtonville

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“At first my son, who plays vibraphone and drums, was hesitant about joining one of Tal’s ensembles because he didn’t know what to expect. He has now been in one (and sometimes two) ensembles for three years, and has loved the experience. Being a member of an ensemble motivates him to practice and to play in a way that doesn’t happen with private lessons alone. He works harder because he is committed to the success of the group. He also has a lot of fun playing music with his peers and having a chance to perform several times a year. Since he joined, he has never looked back!” Sally, Newtonville