The "Tunetown" class for 3 -4 years old (children who are currently in pre-school). In this class we will explore the town of children's tunes and games. Music will be learned entirely by rote, and the children will be able to experience playing different percussion instruments, including Karl Orff's xylophones.

This class is designed for the very first encounter with the world of music and it enables the children to use their already known rhymes and songs and continue from there. The concept of rhythm in music, is the main emphasis of this class. Since rhythm is a natural part of the young child's early life, it is with this that I start the cognitive part of the learning: reading and writing music. Children will also be able to refine their fine and gross motor skills and learn to react to beat and rhythm through games movement and friendly written assignments.





The class has four children in it and it last for 60 minutes. It's a lot of fun introducing music this way: It's playful and the kids learn as much from each other as from me. At the end of each semester we will share our musical discoveries with our parents in the "Window peeking" meetings (twice a year).