Piano Lessons

Piano lessons is offered as an individual or joint activity. For younger children grades 1-4, I recommend a joint lesson. In this setting two children spend some of the time learning the theoretic side of music together (about 30 minutes), with lots of musical activities to share with each other. The emphasis in this program is to have the social as well as musical experience of playing together. The second part of the hour is spent on individual piano lesson and it enables each student to acquire the skills for piano playing and to explore individual interests. In the piano lessons I like to introduce different styles of music: Traditional (classical), Jazz and Popular music. In addition, I encourage the children to create melodies, practice writing music, and improvise.







For the piano students there are Sharing Meetings twice a year. The first Sharing Meeting is for students only. This is an opportunity to get new ideas by listening to other students, and a new audience for the students performing. Every child presents one piece of his choice-- a well-known song, original composition, or a little presentation on a specific style in music. At the 2nd half we all "Jam" together, working on a team project, which includes piano, drums and percussion.

I strongly believe in playing in a group as a powerful tool in music education.